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Ecotourism in Thailand

A land thriving with national parks controlled by the Thai Royal Forest Department ensures that Thailand is a must see travel destination for the avid ecotourist. The naturally formed trekking trails cater for all fitness levels and even allow for overnight camping. The national parks in the mountainous regions of Chiang Mai, Uttaradit, Phetchabun and Phitsanulok provide eco sensitive camping grounds and treks to allow all of their visitors to gain a true appreciation of Thailand's ecology.
Most countries market ecotourism, but for the avid traveller, Thailand has proven itself the place to be. When countries identify ecotourism ventures, they protect them on a small scale. Thailand however has retained its rich natural beauty and has worked with the environment rather than against it. As a land rich in natural resources Thailand allows travellers the opportunity to view and explore its natural wonderland in a truly natural setting. When people talk about ecotourism, it would be rare not to hear someone mention 'Thailand'.
The Tourism Authority of Thailand is aware of the unique situation they are in and also the trend towards eco sensitive travel. The authority has helped private industry and provided project funding to small business operators to promote its eco-tourism industry. The result is a country in which any activity travellers engage in will no doubt delve into the local ecology. The mountainous regions also provide a quality holiday experience for adventure travellers in an ecological environment. The adventure travellers can step back from the concrete jungles and actively pursue excitement in a natural environment.
Whether you prefer bird watching, mountain biking, rafting, diving, or rappelling, you can have it all in Thailand and most importantly you will often be able to do this in an environment where no one has been before. A rich wonderland which has not been spoiled by industry and development, it is no wonder that many eco activities are available in all of Thailand's unique geographical regions.
Eco-Tourism has been active in Thailand for many years although it has not always been described as such. When you imagine a picture of Thailand it can be assumed that you will picture tree fronted temples with people sitting on elephants. This is the imagination which has brought millions of visitors to Thailand but now under the guidance of the Royal Forrest Department and the Tourism Authority, this natural wonderland is now appropriately managed and protected.
The Thai culture is based on working with nature. It is a culture where nature comes before industrial development. The result of this culture is an invigorating natural countryside where you can be as active or lazy as you like while taking in all that nature has to offer. Thailand is the country of choice for first time and avid ecotourists alike. It is sure to satisfy all of your natural desires. As an international ecotourism destination, it is hard to imagine that you can trek for days without seeing another person. With the diverse opportunities available to cater to all needs, it is easy to understand how you can enjoy the peace and tranquillity that nature intended. Thailand's ecology will invigorate your natural instincts.
Anyone wishing to view the splendid atmosphere that Thailand's Ecotourism provides can do so with ease. Although Thailand has preferred nature conservation to development, it still possesses the necessary infrastructure to accommodate anyone who wishes to visit. The ecotourism market in Thailand is a major economic resource for the country which ensures that the industry will provide you with everything you desire... And more!.
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