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Cheap Thai Travel is now accepting advertising in addition to our current Google Adsense advertising. Our goal is to maintain the readability and enjoyability of the site for all visitors, while pointing them to outside sources and sites which may be of interest.
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Please contact us with a proposal for advertising as well as medium (Animated OK but no Flash). Note that ads must be travel related in keeping with the theme of the site and any ads will have the rel=ĒnofollowĒ tag attached.
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Generally our rates are as follows:

Text link - footer of every page of main site can be purchased via ($40/month)
88 X 31 left side navigation area micro button $15/month
120 X 60 right side navigation area $75/month
120 X 600 right side navigation area $225/month
125 X 125 on $125/month
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Our philosophy is that we donít want to present things to our visitors we donít think would be of interest. If you have a book, article, or product you want to promote, you are free to send a sample or copy. If we think itís applicable or useful, we will review it or blog about it. We will retain complete editorial control over what is written. If you send extra copies, then they will be offered to our visitors as a giveaway to increase your exposure.
All advertisements are accepted at our discretion. We do not allow adult or gambling-related sites, but you can ask about anything else. Worse case scenario is we say "no thanks!".
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